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Baranja Consulting Tourism and Aviation Consultancy offers you a team of European experts with the right know how and experience of more than 25 years in tourism and aviation.


We started our business in Hungary 1989, are also known and successful in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Croatia and Montenegro.


Is it an opening of a regional or international airport, a new start-up or existing, but demanding scheduled or charter airline, someone in need for unique sales solutions, re-branding, crisis management, executive and business coaching - you are treated always as a First Class passanger.


We managed and changed hotels and restaurants in different categories up to luxury resorts at top A and also at challenging destinations, created guerilla-campaignes, implemented latest technologies for bookings and CRM to make the right financial success as well.


We also like and know to eat and enjoy the perfect taste - restaurants are also our target to manage a crisis or just the help being better and different.

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